What is SWOT Analysis and Best way to do it?

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SWOT analysis is a tool to estimate the power of struggle of your business or organization before starting it. SWOT deals with the external and internal factors of your business that will help you to grow your business perfectly.

Internal factors of business include strength and weakness, whereas External factors include opportunities and threats that your business got in present or future. SWOT Analysis is the best way to judge the capability of your business. SWOT analysis will help you to make a strong strategy to grow your business by understanding all the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of business. There are many ways through which you can do SWOT analysis for your business, but here I am going to discuss a way through, which SWOT analysis is just fun to do.

One person can do SWOT by using various SWOT Analysis Tools, or you can do it in the group. In first step collect data about external data andsecond step collect data about internal factors. After collecting the whole data analyze it for your business. Here what to consider in external and internal factors.


What you think what strength is mean in business. Strengths are those points of your business or organization that are positive and are under your control. Considers these factors during SWOT analysis that you can use to increase or develop your business when needed. Strength may include your expertise, finance, your motivation and much more.


Weaknesses have very bad effect on any business as these are those factors or points that are not under your control, or you cannot handle them if needed. Weaknesses drop your business to allow level than your competitors. Weaknesses may be under your control but may detract to use them at an optimum level. Weaknesses may include lack of technology, skilled labor, and investment. Consider these things while doing SWOT analysis.


Opportunities play an important role in SWAT analysis. Opportunities are an external factor and have an influence on business. Opportunities are those factors that will help you to raise your business in future. These are the possibilities that will do well with your business, if you get advantage from opportunities, these will boost your business to a new level.


Threats are also included in external factors. Threats are the factors that will drop your business in future. Assessment of threats is the basic part of SWOT analysis as if you not consider them they will destroy your business or may have at least bad impact on it. So these are the four factors which are the important point to start a successful business. For more info about the various business tactics and business notes, you need to visit business study notes. Business Study Notes is a place for all those students who want to get ready for their exams. Business Study Notes is all about business studies and education.

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