Priyamanaval Serial Story

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The tale of Priyamanaval begins with krishnan and uma getting married after facing harassment from krishnan’s uncle. Krishnan changed into abandoned by way of his family. They have four sons, natraj, saravanan, dileepan and prabhakaran. Krishnan turned into a lorry driving force. He looses his enterprise and turns into depressed. Later, his excellent friend, ayyavu enables him to begin a brand new enterprise via giving him his gold. Krishnan starts his lorry business again and this time, he may be very successful. Afterward krishnan finds out that his pal, ayyavu has additionally misplaced his enterprise and helps him. Matters went well for krishnan. Time goes on.

After numerous years, krishnan’s sons are actually all grown up. Natraj. Being the eldest son, looks after his father’s transport workplace commercial enterprise. Eshwari, ayyavu’s spouse is jealous of krishnan’s fortune. She and her son, kannan, plans to plot in opposition to krishnan’s family to disturb them as she believes that ayyavu’s has made krishnan a a hit business guy he’s nowadays. At the same time as ayyavu blind to his wife’s plan, maintains to work in krishnan’s shipping employer. Krishnan usually hated his youngest son, prabha as he’s a reckless, bold, open minded and frequently resorted to fighting. But prabha is a pleasant individual. Krishnan believed that prabha’s purpose became to motive nuisance and destroy krishnan’s repute. Due to this, prabha was regularly scolded, punished and requested to depart the house through his father. Saravanan, the second one son,likes ladies and likes to woo them. Dileepan, the 0.33 son, is an sensible boy and become running in a personal organisation.

Meanwhile, uma desired their elder son to get married. So she starts offevolved attempting to find a suitable bride for him. They to begin with go to a lady’s residence to peer her. The whole thing went well but later, one man puzzled uma’s caste and criticized her, making krishnan to go away the place after heated arguments. Prabha, irritated on that guy for criticizing his mom, went to the woman’s house along with his buddies once more and elaborated the trouble. Later valarmathy, uma’s close friend advised that natraj ought to marry avanthika, elder daughter of raja ram. Uma appreciated valarmathy’s idea. Avanthika is a proud, boastful, cussed and beautiful female. Raja ram was a racist and arrogant man who wanted his daughter to get married in the same caste. Krishnan plans to begin a finance agency and wanted saravanan to manipulate it. The inauguration of that business enterprise ended abruptly when a under the influence of alcohol kannan insulted prabha and commenced combating with him. Afterward vaithy explains to his friend why krishnan hated prabha a lot.

Meanwhile, natraj and vaithy meets avanthika. They to start with mistake her for a petty thief. They later follow avanthika and annoy her. Avanthika receives indignant and goes to krishnan’s house to bitch about natraj. Later, uma and krishnan chortle and tell natraj that she is the lady they need natraj to marry. Krishnan meets raja ram and they make plans for the wedding. Bhoomika, avanthika’s more youthful sister, by accident drops her new mobile and goes away. The cell is then located with the aid of saravanan. Bhoomika calls up her new cellular and requests to offer it back. Saravanan, impressed with the aid of her voice, asks her to satisfy in his buddy’s eating place. They mention their names as “kamal” and “harshini” to each other. Later after they went to fulfill, bhoomika, errors saravanan for a womanizer. They argue and then depart. After collection of such activities among saravanan and bhoomika, they hate every different and the telephone isn’t given again. They remain as pals thru that smartphone. Natraj and avanthika gets close.

Uma is concerned because the astrologer mentioned that she might not be able to see her son’s marriage. Dileepan, goes to bangalore informing that he become going for some legitimate paintings. However it is then later discovered that he married kavitha, his colleague, who has now end up an orphan. Krishnan, will become very angry, heartbroken, slaps dileepan and asks him to depart the house.

Each person turned into heartbroken. Raja ram, who changed into additionally present at the scene, yells that he wont allow his daughter marry natraj and leaves. Later, krishnan promised raja ram that he wont forgive his son and wont let him in ever again, to which raja ram agreed. Avanthika starts liking natraj and desires to marry simplest him. She secretly started out coming to his room at night via pipes. Later, while requested about marriage, natraj strongly objected and instructed that he might marry handiest if dileepan is with them. Avanthika gets irritated as natraj started out warding off her. Later she meets vaithy and rushes to krishnan’s house to warn natraj that she best loves him and wont marry all people. Krishnan tells uma that dileepan is accountable for all this and his decision to ship him out changed into apt.

Kavitha who hasn’t met uma, meets her unknowingly in a temple. Uma blesses kavitha. Later kavitha met with an twist of fate,only to be stored by using uma. Some blamed krishnan, so he went to the health facility to make certain if kavitha had really met with an coincidence. There, while all insisted krishnan to forgive dileepan and receive him, dileepan advised that he did not like his father to pay attention to each person’s advice and complaint. Krishnan then found out that dileepan became nevertheless his son and true to him and accepts him. But dileepan cited that he still wanted to live away and turned into satisfied that his father understood him. Kannan, later calls raja ram to inform that dileepan has been forgiven and krishnan’s wife uma isn’t his caste and an orphan. Raja ram turns into livid.

Raja ram warns his own family that avanthika cant marry natraj, in the event that they withstand him, he’ll punish them. Meanwhile, saravanan as kamal and bhoomika as harshini grow to be near buddies. Raja ram now arranges avanthika’s marriage with sathish. Avanthika tries to elope and goes to natraj, only to be stuck by her father. Avanthika is then crushed and harassed by raja ram as she became seeking to smash his name. Krishnan and circle of relatives interrupts raja ram even as natraj pick out now not to pop out. Raja ram mentions that he has arranged an engagement function for avanthika the following day and leaves with a crying avanthika.
Avanthika plans to elope once more. Bhoomika allows her this time and avanthika receives out successfully. She then hides from the goons inside the trunk of natraj’s automobile. Natraj, blind to this, locks the trunk and starts offevolved the auto to visit trichy. Avanthika stuck inside the truck, calls natraj but in useless. Meanwhile, raja ram, interrupts the loss of life rite of kavitha’s father and needs to return his daughter again. After an heated argument, raja ram informs krishnan that both natraj and avanthika’s mobile sign are touring together and leaves. Krishnan then calls up natraj and informs the situation. Hence avanthika is rescued. Avanthika then demands that natraj must marry her right away as she has eloped and every person’s looking for her. Natraj denies, slaps avanthika who becomes subconscious. Later he drives to his house together to everybody’s marvel. Avanthika requests krishnan and uma to no longer to ship her returned. But she changed into ultimately taken domestic by natraj. In the meantime,even as all and sundry started to impeach avanthika, she amazed every person by means of mentioning that she is not a virgin anyone.

Dileepan and kavitha comes to a decision to depart town as they’re the purpose why natraj’s not getting married. Later when they had been approximately to go away in a bus, they had been observed via uma, who demanded them to both get down or book a ticket for her too. So all got down and gathered in a spot, wherein krishnan and others cautioned them to come home. In the meantime, raja ram, tricked avanthika and took her to a temple together with his family, wherein she realized that it was recreation played with the aid of raja ram an his hench men to get her married to sathish. She went to the dressing room with her mother and cleverly called up her pal, a police officer, who got here and interrupted the wedding. The police offer additionally took all of them to his station for similarly enquiry. Avanthika asked the cop to call natraj and unite them. After natraj came for avanthika, she demanded that he marry her. They each left the station to have a heated dialogue again. Next, avanthika tied an auspicious thread herself and they each went home, plenty to uma’s wonder. Natraj neither declined nor agreed that he had tied that. Uma stopped speakme to natraj.

Raja ram, annoyed and irritated, came to krishnan’s home and demanded to send avanthika. However, krishnan denied and advised that them she is their bride now. This led to heated arguments between the two families. Raja ram assured that he goes to spoil krishnan’s own family and get rid of his daughter. Arrangements started out from each the edges. Avanthika, even as nonetheless being in krishnan’s home, started out dominating kavitha and others. Krishnan’s and raja ram’s circle of relatives frequently got here head to head throughout the invitation, saree and gold shopping. Avanthika and her mother suspected that a person become a spy in krishnan’s domestic, informing her father. Avanthika suspected vaithy. Vaithy become shocked to realize that she turned into wondering this manner and was disappointed. Time is going on. Bhoomika develops emotions for prabha. Kavitha aids saravanan with harshini.

As time is going on, marriage date fast tactics. Both the households are very organized. Uma strongly commenced believing that she wont be capable of see their son’s wedding. Kavitha and dileepan’s reception was also planned concurrently. Avanthika turned into afraid that her father might by some means prevent the wedding, so she desired to move for a registered marriage, that’s interrupted by means of krishnan’s own family and raja ram’s, who mocked krishnan. Meanwhile, kannan gets appointed as a manager in uma transports, running underneath natraj, as krishnan wanted kannan to get married, prevent drinking alcohol and be satisfied.
Raja ram, also along with his goons, sathish’s father and subbu, deliberate to kidnap natraj and prevent the marriage. However they drop the idea. Rather they, sent goons to spray chemical and make natraj subconscious. They succeeded and natraj turned into left subconscious in a lift all day. Raja ram then went to krishnan’s house as that they had lodged a criticism on him. He knowledgeable krishnan that they’ve determined a body like natraj, and wanted him to come see. But it changed into not natraj. Raja ram mocked krishnan’s family.

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