What is need of computer engineers?

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In a developing country like India, the need for computer engineers seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds. As per growth projections over the last decade, computer engineering jobs particularly pertaining to software engineering have been named the fastest growing occupations. College graduates who have successfully completed their Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) course in computer engineering are in high demand in a variety of industries both within the country and abroad. Employers all over the world are vying for the attention of computer engineers who have the requisite skills like strong programming knowledge, system analysis prowess as well as interpersonal and business communication skills.

IT Downturn

Many people will argue that the Information Technology industry is not doing as well as it was about 10 years ago. Statistics wise, this might be true. The fact remains, however, that this IT downturn has not affected the need for computer engineers by a large margin. The employment opportunities for computer engineers are still set to grow at a rate that is higher than that of other occupations. The obvious reason for this is that even in an economic downturn, companies and organizations are trying to boost their efficiency and adaptability by adopting new technology like computer systems. Software updates are very important in a scenario like this. It ensures the need for computer engineers in all industries across the globe.

Who has Need for Computer Engineers?

The correct question to ask here would be, who doesn’t have the business need for computer engineers?

In today’s day and age, Internet technology, mobile Internet technology, e-commerce, electronic data processing, telecommunications software needs are ever increasing. Increasing usage of such technology also necessitates need for cyber security. All these IT jobs require qualified computer engineers who can create, develop, manage, repair and evolve this technology.

Need for Computer Engineers

Which Industries Have Need for Computer Engineers?

There are a variety of job opportunities for computer engineers. They can choose to be:

  • Consultants
  • Programmers
  • Technicians
  • Robotics research
  • System Designers
  • Lecturers and tutors
  • Help desk or Networking Specialists
  • Data-warehouse analysts
  • eCommerce specialists
  • Design engineers
  • Application programmers
  • Computation power professionals and more.

Computer engineers will find many open industries like computer and other electronic product manufacturing, software publishing, wired telecommunication carriers, management, data processing services companies, insurance carriers, insurance companies, business consulting companies and more.

Of course, computer engineering is a degree that allows professionals to simply branch out on their own and not work for anyone else. Starting a private business may be expensive at the start but the fact is that such businesses are lucrative and viable. If you are good at your job and at interpersonal skills, you will be able to form associations with companies and organizations that are long-standing and productive.

Another positive aspect of working in the field of computer engineering is that much of your work can be completed via telecommuting owing to the reach and increased bandwidth of the Internet. There is plenty of need for computer engineers. As such, instead of wondering, where you will get a job, you ought to be wondering, where you wish to work!


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